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Dr. Sun Gang was Awarded the Title of "National Model Worker"

Dr. Sun Gang was Awarded the Title of "National Model Worker"


On November 24, at the 2020 National Model Workers and Advanced Workers Commendation Conference, Dr. Sun Gang of East China Company won the title of "National Model Workers" and received the commendation at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


The national model workers and advanced workers are selected every five years. The 112 national model workers and advanced workers elected in Shanghai this year have an average age of 48.23 years old, and they are pioneer representatives from all walks of life. Among them, 61 were enterprise employees, accounting for 54.5%; 13 were farmers, accounting for 11.6%; and 38 were in government agencies, accounting for 33.9%.


Glory and happiness belongs to the workers. Dr. Sun Gang was awarded this honor because of his extraordinary achievements in an ordinary post. He said that he would cherish the honor, and will spare his efforts in the future to continue to promote the spirit of model workers with the spirit of craftsmanship. Dr. Sun will play an exemplary role, continue to forge ahead, contribute wisdom and strength to the people's better life, make new contributions to the economic and social development of Shanghai.




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