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Kingfa Attended “Light Up Wishes” Non-public Enterprise Alliance Charity Event

Kingfa Attended “Light Up Wishes” Non-public Enterprise Alliance Charity Event


In order to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping on poverty alleviation, promote non-public enterprises to assume more social responsibilities and share development dividends with the society, on October 30, Light Up Wishes” Non-public Enterprise Alliance Charity Event was grandly held in Guangzhou. Kingfa and other 100 private enterprise representatives participated.


In this event, Kingfa donated 10,000 yuan for low-income groups, the financially strapped, children in difficulty, the physically challenged in Guangzhou and its counterpart poverty alleviation regions. The leaders of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau presented the honorary certificate of "Best Organization Award" to Kingfa.


2020 is the year of decisive victory on poverty alleviation. The tasks of poverty alleviation are heavier and more demanding. Facing with difficulties, we must take a higher position, stronger determination, and more practical measures to help fight poverty. In the year of the anti-epidemic year, Kingfa fully benchmarked the deployment of government, resolutely implemented the requirements of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City for poverty alleviation work in private enterprises. While focusing on the prevention and control of the company's internal epidemic, it also adopted innovative work including face masks donations and consumption poverty alleviation. It promotes poverty alleviation in a way to maintain the stability and continuity of the company’s poverty alleviation work, so that the people in need can truly appreciate the care of private enterprises and the warmth of charity.




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