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FCA Launches Technical Exchange Meeting with Kingfa (USA)

FCA Launches Technical Exchange Meeting with Kingfa (USA)


From 12:00 to 16:00 of April 26, 2017, the automotive materials technical team of Kingfa Sci. Tech. Co., Ltd. (Kingfa) and Guangzhou Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials DVPT. Co., Ltd. (Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials) had a systematical technical exchange meeting with clients at the Benchmarking Center of FCA Group. Deputy General Manager Luo Zhongfu, Head of Department for Product Development Ding Zhengya and Doctor Zhang Yunqing of Kingfa Automotive Materials Department, as well as Deputy General Manager Ye Zhonghu and Director Sun Yajie of Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials attended this meeting.


The topic of this meeting was the 2017 Enterprise Cost Reduction Initiative Workshop. The technical staff of Kingfa automotive materials team and Kingfa Carbon Fiber Materials introduced the new progress made in the application of automotive materials to the clients, and exhibited the project products that were successfully applied on site, enabling the engineers and purchase team of FCA to have a more direct understanding of the profound technical accumulation and experience about product application of Kingfa for automotive materials.


The successful exchange meeting has laid a solid foundation to intensify the mutual trust on technology and promote mutual cooperation in the future.



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