Company type: Limited liability company (sole proprietorship of legal person invested or controlled by natural person)  

General manager: Li Chen  

Established in: August 2015  

Registered capital:  500 million RMB  

Regional status:  Chengdu Kingfa has the most complete product portfolio of modified plastics and is the largest supplier of modified plastics in the western region. We have the largest market share of advanced (modified) materials for automotive and household appliances in the western region.  

Base area: A total of 53 hectares  

Annual sales:  1 billion RMB in 2017  

Business scope: R&D, manufacturing and sales of various high-performance advanced materials, including PP, PE, and ABS/PC compounds and various standard and engineering plastics and alloys  

Project scope: Five projects including: composite material for new energy vehicle, fully biodegradable material, carbon fiber and composite material, advanced material research and development center

Service Assurance

Product Areas

Automotive, home appliances, IT, electric power tools, pipelines and cables, oil and gas transmission, modern agriculture and other industries

Service Range

The company has created an industrial value chain for plastic modification and application with many clients and suppliers in the field of automotive and spare parts, home appliances, and pipelines in the western region.

Technical Service

Chengdu Kingfa has a capable, knowledgeable, experienced, reasonably deployed and innovative research and development team. The company has carried out systematic research andaccumulated a large amount of data in the field of material formula, thread combination, production process, performance evaluation and application technology, and successfully developed a series of special products. Chengdu Kingfa has a complete range of plastic compounds testing and manufacturing equipment, of which the main blending modification equipment includes co-rotating twin-screw extruder with various aspect ratios such as 36/1, 40/1, 48/1 and 56/1, a Farrel continuous mixer (FCM) / double /single screw double layer unit and double roller open mill. Simulating mold processing equipment including a horizontal injection molding machine, a vertical injection molding machine, an extrusion casting machine, an extrusion calendaring machine and a laser engraving machine. The hardware level is far beyond the level of other manufacturers in the same industry in the western region, providing a strong guarantee for product development and large-scale production. The company has established long-term cooperative relations of production, study and research with universities such as Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, and Southwest University of Science and Technology, which mainly involve in joint research, technology transfer, implementation of technology industrialization, student training and practice bases.


The testing equipment includes a multi-axis impact tester, an electronic universal testing machine, a xenon lamp aging chamber, an atomic absorption spectroscope, DSC, TGA and other advanced scientific research and testing equipment from the United States, Germany and established Sichuan Province Enterprise Technology Center.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001, IATF 16949, QC 080000 and other certifications.

Production capacityc

Production capacity: After the construction project is completed, our company will have 18 production lines of high-performance compounds, composite carbon fiber materials, fully biodegradable materials, with an annual production capacity up to 0.5 million tons.




Postal code



No. 333, Fujia Street, Huangjia subdistrict office, Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province



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