Quality Assurance

1. Quality management methods

Kingfa Science & Technology is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development, processing and marketing of plastic compounds. We produce in small amounts and offer customized production,  which makes quality management challenging (and uncertain). Depending on product features, the following quality management approach is taken.

•Classification management

Product classification management is the quality control strategy for general products, new products, and recycled products which includes an early warning system for quality problems and risk prevention mechanisms targeting key products and clients.

•Source management

The factors that have the greatest impact on product quality are quality of design, quality of raw materials, identification of customer needs, confirmation of raw materials, evaluation of pilot projects, assessment of mass production and management of change, etc. to strengthen quality management and reduce internal and external quality loss.

• Optimal quality –cost ratio

Improve the quality cost accounting system, use quality and cost indicators to guide the quality improvement, improve the pass rate, and focus on the efficiency of quality inspection.

•Process performance management

Quality management includes extracting the key process performance from the whole process, and controlling  the process performance to obtain satisfactory quality performance.

2. Quality informatization level

Kingfa quality information systems are integrated and interacted among ERP, CRM, SRM, MY EXCEL, OA, E-WM systems according to the quality management module attributes. Through the information system, the decomposition and achievement of the quality objectives can be learned and management promotion strategy of next phase for deficiency can be developed.

3. Continuous quality improvement

The continuous quality improvement is divided into three levels, the first is the daily work rectification and prevention, the second is improvement activities of the QC group, and the third is the Six Sigma quality improvement.

Scientific, rigorous and advanced quality management does not only enhance the company's operating capacity but also help Kingfa to continuously win the provincial and municipal government quality award during the recent years.

4. Certification

Quality management system


iso9001.jpg  16949.jpg


Environmental management system

ISO14001,cleaner production, carbon asset management

14001.jpg  14001r.jpg14001e.jpg

Occupational health and safety management system


ohs1.jpg  ohs2.jpg  ohs3.jpg

Green product system

GP, EPEAT, China Environmental Labeling “Green Ten Rings” and others




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