The basis of sustainable development, the guide of business operation


We regard innovation as our core power

As a company which benefits from innovation, we regard innovation as our core power, which helps us to turn from a follower into a leader of the industry. Innovation is essential for survival and development. 


Grow and share the achievements with our partners

Kingfa focuses on the value sharing with employees, clients, suppliers and society. It is this sharing concept that enables us to achieve sustained and rapid development. With a scientific and effective incentive mechanism and personnel training system, we aim to build a harmonious human environment, to enhance the happiness index of employees, and to achieve the common growth with employees. “To grow and share the achievements with our partners, provide  high-quality advanced material product, and create a good life” - It is not only Kingfa’s mission, but also the essence of Kingfa’s culture.


Integrity is our basic value

It is the most basic character that helps us to gain the recognition of our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and society and the cornerstone of our sustainable development. No matter how the world and business environment changes unpredictably, integrity is eternal. Only by adhering to this value integrity can attract more faithful talents to our team.


Make great efforts to meet the high HSE standards

Employees are the most crucial resource. People’s awareness may pose a great challenge to safety work. Even though we are in a fast-growing country, we are still committed to meet the high HSE standards and strive to create an accident-free workplace and a work environment without injury, and develop a series of processes that help to enhance safety awareness and safety management to protect our employees and stakeholders.



Perfect our collaboration

Nowadays, any organization will put collaboration first. Collaboration is based on empowerment and trust, with sharing and learning from each other as a code of conduct, it is guaranteed by labor distribution and coordination through setting clear goals and developing a clear incentive system. We have been committed to improving our collaboration and providing a good impetus for the growth of the business.



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